Every Broken Thing

Prayz Jezus
The Poetry Of Lance McKnight
Prayz Jezus


Him just hang like
it’s only just His thang
the breeze to the treez like
it brings me to my kneez

You know He had a mother
and no sister but some brotherz
and you sayin’ this is cheese
but I’m down on my kneez
‘cause I’m lookin’ for relief
like the Cross and the thief
but you know my belief

Yo. Listen up, y’all

He’s hangin’ in the treez
and I’m down on my kneez
and I’m praisin’ for his raisin’
it’s the blood that set me free


[Hands up – Hey yo. Way up A yo]
[Hands up – Hey yo. Way up A yo]

You say the thingz I feel
are so far from the real
like eatin’ bread not leavened
and believin’ in a Heaven

Or the wine that I drink
that it takes me to the brink
and all you do is hear it
when I claim the Holy Spirit

[Hands up – Hey yo. Way up A yo]
[Hands up – Hey yo. Way up A yo]

It’s what He left behind
that purifies my mind
you sayin’ I’m related
to a monkee that’s belated

And you think I’m krazy?

Peace out

                            For Joaquin Phoenix